SYNC Gallery presents Intrigue: Wall Sculptures by Lisa Calzavara

June 11, 2016

Intrigue is the latest series created by award winning artist Lisa Calzavara.  These unique wall sculptures use nature’s elements to convey a sense of serenity and inner reflection.  The powerful contrasts of color and texture are complimented with simplistic designs resulting in beautifully balanced compositions.



Artist Statement:

I have been sculpting for the last few years because I find it fascinating.  It has allowed me to create intriguing compositions with unique shapes and designs. The process is quite complicated using layer upon layer of materials.  However the resulting forms are classic and elegant.


The latest series “Intrigue” is inspired by nature but has a very contemporary feel.   Each piece starts with a sketch that is then converted to a 3-D design.  Focusing on the spatial relationships between the positive and negative space I then evaluate if the design is balanced. The fun part begins when I add color to the shapes within the composition.  I like to use high contrast for a strong impact and texture to add a bit of variety to each piece.  As layers of clay and resin are molded into shapes, I continually simplify the forms to retain the essential elements.   Once all the layers harden, the pieces are assembled into the final composition. 


Using this unique process, I am able to create truly original works that are distinctive and have a very unusual look. 






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