Jesse Van Horne, (Denver, CO 1978) is an artist of many genres. With graffiti art roots, his love of bright color and crisp linework soon bled into the iconographic
style that he works with today. Heavily influenced by street artists of all varieties and with an architectural eye and sensibility, he has found his artistic voice by working with symbolic and iconic imagery, creating a sort of trail of morphing possibilities rich in suggestive narrative .

WWII aircraft, trees, skulls, and lotus blossoms are interestingly among his favorite subject matter as he is drawn toward imagery that he feels contains a certain type of magic or energy. Propelled by deeply held ideals and a commitment to the cause of human awakening, he creates work that he feels embodies the dualistic unity of all things. An admitted aesthete, he strives for beauty and balance in his work while engaging in the invention of new mythologies as well as cultural criticism.

Jesse is a commissioned artist in painting, sculpture and illustration. Also an active poet and author, he has published three books to date, and a chapbook of poetry. He can sometimes be spotted around town playing acoustic punk rock with his one man band TMKF. He has owned and operated Skullflower Design Studios since 2012.


Jesse Van Horne


Located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, 80204. In Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

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