SYNC Gallery presents: SANCTUARY

This exhibition runs June 17th through July 10th, 2021

Ulla Meyer, Lynda Tygart, and Cyncie Winter announce their exciting new exhibition, entitled "Sanctuary," opening at SYNC Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver on June 17th and continuing through July 10th.

Through their art, they have created a variety of expressions of what Sanctuary means to them—a place of solitude and safety, of happiness, peace, quietude; a place to retreat to, and to release the cares of the world so one can have space to breathe, to connect with what is real, true, authentic; a space where a person can practice being attuned to what is genuine, to what is Calling.


Each of these artists finds that in the creative process, they discover a place of Sanctuary Within themselves—Ulla Meyer, through her intuitive process of beginning with a picture in her mind, working with texture as a base, and applying multiple transparent layers of “happy” colors; Lynda Tygart through her mystical photography, whether it be a small chapel in Belgium, a cemetery in France or a farm kitchen in Wisconsin—places where she can see and feel Sanctuary . . .Retreat and
Healing; and Cyncie Winter, through her deep love of the beauty of mountains and forests and the light that shines through them, reflecting the soulful journey we take in coming into this life.


All of these artists hope that you will feel the spaciousness of finding your own personal Sanctuary within yourselves as you view their work.

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Please note that there may be tentative closings or changes in dates, due to policies suggested by the Art District of Santa Fe, with the support of the Santa Fe Business Improvement District which is making an effort to follow the CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health's recommendations. 

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