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Rocco Albano - "Ghost Tag" - Framed Digital | Acrylic | Paint Marker | Texture on Panel
Rocco Albano - "Eternal Flame of the Aztec" - Framed Aluminum Dibond Print
Rocco Albano - "The Art of Graffiti" - Digital | Spray Paint | Acrylic | on Steel and Razor Ribbon
Rocco Albano - "Montezuma's Moment of Eternity" - Framed Digital Print on Torchon Paper
Rocco Albano - "Baroque Supernova" - Digital Print on Satin White Aluminum with Shadow Mount
Rocco Albano - "Rage Wall" - Acrylic | Spray Paint | Paint Marker on Canvas
Rocco Albano - "Beautiful Darkness" - Digital Print on Epson Paper
Rocco Albano - "Fall of Tenochtitlan" - Framed - Acrylic | Spray Paint | Wall Texture | Oil Pastel o
Rocco Albano

Rocco Albano is a rebel artist transforming his personal and historical struggles into powerful visual expressions. From his graffiti artist roots in Philadelphia in the 1980’s, where he escaped the violence and addiction of his family and neighborhood as PEZ, to his mentorship by Jane Golden in the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program in 1986, to his exploration of digital art in the new millennium, Rocco’s art challenges the status quo. His work exposes the wounds of the oppressed, the overthrown, the survivor, and confronts the ghosts of history.


Rocco’s art captures moments of intensity that spark curiosity and an emotional reaction. He blends unique visuals, beauty and decay, harmony, and dissonance in his diverse creations.

He works with various mediums such as acrylic, oil pastel, paint marker, spray paint, digital, photography, and stencils. He paints on different surfaces including canvas, panel, steel sheets, textured materials, and razor ribbon.

He also produces very low edition museum quality prints with archival inks and materials such as aluminum and fine art paper from Hahnemuhle, Canson, and Epson. Rocco’s art is a testament to his passion for quality and originality.


Rocco lived in Philadelphia until 2021 when he and his family moved to Colorado. He attended Tyler School of Art in the 1990’s and has traveled the world extensively to experience art across the U.S., Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Japan, Vietnam, and Brazil.

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