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Museum In My Backyard
Fall of Empire
Rage Wall
Beautiful Darkness
Baroque Supernova 1610
Tomb of the Unknown Aztec
Fall of Tenochtitlan
Rocco Albano

From the streets, EL rooftops, and subway tunnels of Philadelphia in the 1980’as a prolific Graffiti Artist, to the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program in 1986 under the mentorship of Jane Golden, to the advent of digital art in the new millennia, my art is about rebellion, the oppressed, the overthrown, the survivor.


As a Graffiti Artist, my alternate identity PEZ helped me survive an extremely traumatic upbringing in a family and neighborhood plagued by multi-generational addiction, alcoholism, and violence.


Today my art seeks to capture searing moments of intensity, renderings of my interpretation of history, the beauty in dissonance and decay, a shot of adrenaline, the prompt to a question not yet asked.


I experience moments of satori in the meditative process of layering together fragments of thousands of photos I've taken, snippets of public domain imagery, textured surfaces, acrylic, spray paint, oil stick, paint marker, stencils, and digital manipulation- output on canvas, panel, fine art paper, and aluminum.


Art keeps me balanced in a world spinning out of our control.

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