abstract of a vessel
Figures on Red
geometry of the herd
Faye Crowe
Faye Crowe

Mixed media oil painting, ceramic sculptures


Faye’s professional experience as an architect lends a unique element to her creative process. By incorporating a variety of materials in her painting, she effectively builds pieces of art that capture the natural electricity and comforting warmth of the American West. 


From sweeping landscapes to hallmark moments of wild horses and blazing sunsets, Faye’s goal is to create mixed-media artwork that transports the viewer to a destination while creating a multi-sensorial experience. 


Born into a family of engineers and mathematicians, Faye has married her right and left brain to work in a technical-but-expressive creative style. She continues to work in oils and ceramics in which she incorporates everything from wood to metal to clay and sand within her work.   


Faye energetically works out of her spacious and sunny studio in Golden, CO. Her work is available throughout the southwest.