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5280 Event Calendar - Portals


"I just wanted to make a city," says artist Linda Gleitz. In her upcoming glazed ceramics installation, opening at SYNC Gallery on July 18 with a reception, she explores the current state of the world via a massive nine-foot-high, 25-foot-long "city" consisting of nearly eighty buildings. That world brims with a mix of people, attitudes and ideas, and includes, in no particular order: good churches, nice people, mean people, bad churches, a liquor store, homeless people, a meth lab, a local coffee shop, and a school honoring those who died in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Sound Wall
5280 Event Calendar - Portals

5280 - The Denver Magazine, Event Calendar

"Local artists Pat Isaacs and Lydia Riegle collaborated for this exhibition, focusing on a shared theme of portals—ovoid areas that allow viewers to see through the layers of each piece. Riegle incorporates heavily textured markmaking into her oil paintings. Isaacs paints heated printmaking paints with wax before applying the resulting image to silk or absorbent paper, which she turns into collages on canvas and wood."

Times-Call Entertanmaint, Longmont CO, online article - posted on: 04/06/2014 06:45:41 PM MDT

"Longmont artist Linda Gleitz brings a sense of community to her work"


SYNC artist Linda Gleitz invited other artists, including SYNC artist Louis Trujillo and former SYNC member Tracy Russell, to collaborate with her to create the permanent installation "Capistrano III" at Salud Family Health Center in Longmont CO


excerpt from article: By Quentin Young, Times-Call staff writer

Several years ago, the downtown gallery Rabid Rabits Galeria displayed an integrated set of Gleitz paintings that came together to form the image of a swallow. The pieces were sent off with various patrons who agreed to send them back after a year, when they would be joined together again in a new exhibit. The mechanics of the work, inspired by the migrating cliff swallows of the famous mission of San Juan Capistrano, depended not just on Gleitz as the artist but on a set of participants.


"I was looking for a project specifically to collaborate on with other artists," Gleitz said in an email. "I wanted each artist to bring his/her own unique vision to the shape of the bird. They turned out pretty fabulous."

Lynda Gleitz Times-Call Entertainment

Month of Printmaking


"Sync Gallery printmakers Pat Isaacs, Phyllis Rider, and James Carter Jones with other artists come together to show in the back gallery their diverse styles, innovative thinking, and divergent processes and materials. These provocative works allows us, the viewer, to experience what different thinking, process and materials can accomplish."

Month of Printmaking
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