NEW WORKS by Helene Strebel

The horizon is broad - The possibilities are endless - And so is Helene's imagination! Her experience last year, exhibiting her paintings at the International Biennale Exhibition in Florence, Italy is an unforgettable event. Helene focuses on the richly layered colors to intimate and personal choices, to multiple references, making a case that is visual and emotional a pleasing statement. The artist’s medium is primarily acrylic paint. She also often uses a variety of material like fabric, paper, glass and so on to create a diversity of style in her artwork. The point off completion of her work has a reflection of the very start. The themes in her paintings have a number of common threads. H

SYNC Gallery presents: UNCONSCIOUS by Louis Trujillo

Enter Louis Trujillo’s unconscious: “My family and I at a large celebration. It’s Independence Day, Dad’s birthday. This time we’re at the park. We’re at Berkely Park right? Or is it Rocky Mountain Park? I don’t know, it’s always one or the other. Sometime we’re at my Grandparents house, or at Auntie’s house. The fireworks are starting in the distance. They are magnificent, unlike anything I have ever seen! But wait...they’re getting closer! The same one that started in the distance has raced across the sky?! It seems to be alive?! It’s hovering overhead! It’s hypnotizing! It’s starting to fall! It’s coming toward us! It’s too close now! We’re in danger! Everybody run...” Louis Trujillo pres

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