SYNC Gallery presents Diversions: by Pam Fortner

Diversion /dəˈvərZHən/ noun 1. An act of turning aside, as from a course or a path. 2. An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime. Diversions describes Pam Fortner’s latest artistic path - one that has diverted from the expected. Her work embraces mediums not usually seen together - diverse mediums such as steel and paper. She has combined metalworking and repurposed books, bookbinding techniques and 3-dimensional sculpture as well as origami folding principals and cold-forged steel. Pam recognizes that at this time in this country, we all need diversions. She has created work where the viewer can simply get lost - work that is pure form,

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Located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, 80204. In Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

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