SYNC Gallery presents Cyncie Winter

In her latest series of abstract paintings, Cyncie Winter focuses on the intertwining themes of Source and Surface. Asking the question, “What Is Wanting to Express Itself?”, she follows the intuitive impulse that awaits the action of painting, including gesture, color, line, shape or form—trying not to control what emerges from the marriage of paint on the surface of the canvas—but rather to allow whatever is calling to surface. Paul Klee, the famous painter, describes the process this way: “Everything vanishes around me, and works are born as if out of the void. Ripe, graphic fruits fall off. My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will.” In this kind of space, a soulful

SYNC Gallery presents Diane Stum Fekete

The patina of time, weather and wars observed during recent travel in Vietnam prompted Diane Stum Fekete’s body of work for From Source to Surface. Fekete’s inspiration for her paintings comes from colors, images and experiences, as well the materials and tools used in painting. Rather than depicting realistic images, she works intuitively to create visual and physical textures in her abstract paintings. For Fekete, working intuitively means not only creating instinctively from a base of experience and acquired knowledge, but also inviting a connection to what some may call the Divine, the Source, a gift of inspiration from the muses. Intuition is the place where training, intention and some

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