SYNC Gallery presents Whispers by Louis Trujillo

Louis Trujillo: Artist Statement Enchanting visions of mystical events and unworldly spirits reoccur while Louis Trujillo is in deep sleep. His work consists of large scale installations that use vibrant sculptures made of polymer clay to manifest these reveries. Smaller individual elements gravitate toward one another to create larger forces. Abstract shapes that are arranged in an active composition become the depiction of an unconscious mind’s interpretation of the divine forces of the universe. Inspiration for Trujillo’s work comes from Surrealism, psychoanalysis and spirituality. He is fascinated by humanity’s tiny existence and the way in which the world becomes sublime in the min

SYNC Gallery presents Rhythms and Riffs by Kristy Smith

Kristy Smith: Artist Statement Like the rhythms and riffs of jazz music, which take off from a tune into something fresh and organic, each of Kristy Smith’s acrylic and mixed media paintings begins with a simple inspiration—a color combination or a shape or a pattern found in the world around her. Once this inspiration is expressed on the canvas, there is no preconceived outcome. Smith’s spontaneous, intuitively riff-like responses to these beginnings develop freely into their own, energetic resolutions and expressions. There is no intended meaning in her work, although the viewer may find meaning in it. Smith’s process and the finished works are a way for her to celebrate life’s complexity

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