SYNC Gallery presents Lynda Tygart

Lynda Tygart: Artist Statement For some reason, humans like Walls. The general idea is to keep "Danger" outside and away from us. It's a concept that has been used for centuries. We forget that those same Walls can sometimes trap us Inside . . . an unintended consequence. This is a useful metaphor for some of our own personal relationships. A person may come along and disappoint us, so we build a Wall to protect ourselves from being hurt by others. It feels safer. And it seems to work for a while. But, when we're trapped Inside any Wall, what are we giving up? And what energy is it taking to protect that Wall day after day? Over time, even the sturdiest of Walls are not permanent. The Walls

SYNC Gallery presents Brenda LaBier

Brenda LaBier: Artist Statement In her journey to comprehend and express the interconnectedness of her evolving life and identity, Brenda LaBier has embraced the three marks of existence, inconstant, transient and evanescent. Depicted in Transitory Rituals, earth, air and water act as transitory elements, each evoking a transformation from one state to the next that may be fleeting, volatile or fading. There is the belief that all things are in constant change and temporal, including the self. To understand this impermanence is to accept that people come and go, material possessions are gained and lost and moments become fragments of memories. The images themselves stretch time, holding the

SYNC Gallery presents James C. Jones

James C. Jones imagines a world where humanity exists as the living earth, resting solemnly in reverence to the impermanence of the natural world. Each subject entangled amongst weaving vines, symbolic of the cause and effect of conscious thought and free will. Contrasting digital prints on unique patterns of woodgrain and recasting humanity as objects in nature, Jones amplifies a presence within himself which recognizes a universal community and power from which all life is born. This unique integration of digital printing, painting, and wood-working materials reconciles the relationship of humans with nature: that we can harmonize with our environment despite feeling disconnected from it.

SYNC Gallery presents Tiana Graves

Tiana Graves: Artist Statement Tiana Graves’ current series emanates from her observations of home interiors photographed during the midst of estate sales. Rooms that are filled with decades worth of collections and personal belongings are progressively fragmented and sold while she is taking these photographs. The images comment on the passage of time in regard to the object and how that object becomes a relic and represents eras of a life. These photographs conserve memory of places and times that are not from her life. They are attempts to highlight her connection to these places while seeking ways to preserve what is left of them. Image attached: Tiana Graves, Basement Bar Sale #1, chrom

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