SYNC Gallery presents Pamela Gilmore Hake

Pamela Gilmore Hake: Artist Statement In her latest series of abstract paintings, Pamela Gilmore Hake uses her impressions of nature to create a visual language of her soul that is Beyond Words. Extreme weather, dry grasses and autumn leaves, fields of wheat, blooming flowers, sunlight in the trees, are all stimuli for her work. She lives all of these things in her simple rural life style. The magnitude of these impressions cannot be described by her in any manner but through her art. Her paintings reveal the spirituality she sees and feels. Robert Henri, the famous American painter and teacher, writes, "The brush stroke at the moment of contact carries inevitably the exact state of being

SYNC Gallery presents Kristy Smith

Kristy Smith: Artist Statement Colors are a language all their own, a language that is personal rather than universal. Our responses to color may come from personal life experiences or something even deeper. Whatever the source, the language of color cannot be codified into something we all imbue with the same meaning. Nor can it be explained or translated precisely into words. Kristy Smith’s body of work for Beyond Words is written in the language of color. She began each painting by selecting a color or a combination of colors that attracted her. Then the paintings evolved as she intuitively, freely responded to the colors and shapes. These responses were not conscious choices, but were ve

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