SYNC Gallery presents Karin Kempe

Karin Kempe: Artist Statement Throughout the challenges of this past year, Karin Kempe has found painting to be a place of refuge where the beautiful and mysterious are born through chance and good fortune…where she is willing to be courageous and move beyond her stiff habits allowing color and form emerge in unique ways that she had not imagined. It’s like wiping off a mirror and discovering one’s own face, but a face not seen before. Each painting surprises, like a new flower pushing through snow and ice. It’s said that the realization of the Way is the experience of intimacy with the ten thousand things. Letting each piece grow as an open question, unplanned and unanticipated, takes Kem

SYNC Gallery presents Lydia Riegle

Lydia Riegle: Artist Statement Curious by nature, Lydia Riegle is fascinated with outcomes from using different materials, tools and processes. Her work is very much asking the question, exploring the idea and then discovering the wonder that often results.Recently, she added printmaking as a way to inform her painting. Happily, Riegle found that one informs the other bringing to life new ideas, new directions, and new questions. Her work is often complex creating a first impression which leads to further examination. Often, questions are layered resulting in ongoing decisions until the surface is covered. Other times, a single observation or question leads to strong minimal mark-making. Thr

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