Sync Gallery Presents: Jesse Van Horne

Jesse Van Horne: Show Title: Myth, Symbol & Allusion Exhibition Statement: Myth leans heavily on image. Image in turn evokes myth. Symbols stand for things. These things can be the mundane or the profound, but at its strongest, symbol communicates idea. Effective symbols stand for a collection of ideas. Allusion is the sly move of referring to something important or significant without stating it directly. It asks the viewer to participate in the discovery and the creation of meaning. Jesse Van Hoorn is drawn to subject matter that evokes mythology, or that alludes to mythological memory. Most of his work speaks to the dichotomy man/nature or science/mysticism. However, he does not see these

Sync Gallery Presents: Lynda Tygart

Lynda Tygart: Show Title: Nostalgic Denver Exhibition Statement: When Lynda Tygart moved to Denver a few years ago, she was inspired to photograph her new neighborhood in Berkeley. She found Tennyson Street very charming with its little cottage homes, galleries and barbershop. Just a few years later, she would be looking at those photos with fond memories. Almost overnight, those cottages were torn down and replaced with new slot homes and apartments. Lynda quickly realized that her photographs from 2012 were now Nostalgic! After witnessing what happened on Tennyson Street, Lynda decided to start photographing other sites in Denver as the city continues to change in many ways. Each imag

Sync Gallery Presents: Tiana Graves

Tiana Graves: Show Title: Recollections Exhibition Statement Tiana Graves has an unyielding urge within herself to collect and preserve pieces of a history not of her own. She has come across hundreds of discarded photographs which she has salvaged within her work. These photographs contain a lifetime’s worth of memories which can often feel very reminiscent and familiar; however, they are ultimately foreign and their history is left unknown. This vague familiarity can often provide a false sense of comfort and it is within this concept that the work seeks to reconnect with these long forgotten memories. Image Attached: Tiana Graves: Quilted Recollections; Found Photographs, Mixed Media;

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