SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Lois R. Lupica

While Lois R. Lupica’s background as a law professor and advocate is in the literal and concrete, her artwork is the antithesis of literal. When making art, her thoughts are suspended, and instinct and passion take over. Lupica’s abstractions rely on images, form, color, tone, scale and dimension, tripping a range sentiments in viewers. Lupica’s cold wax pieces are expressions of light emerging from the darkness, with imagery subsumed by subtle tones and texture.  Her encaustic work reflects bold color, tonal contrast, relief patterns, and are reflective of a strong physical interaction with materials. Blowtorches, heat guns, scrapers and brushes are used as tools to both add and s

SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Susan Merriman

The visions, sounds and feelings of the beginning, spark a new life within a life for Susan’s art.  The dawn of new creations opens doors and eyes to never before realized feelings of the shapes and colors that express her emotions.  The excitement of the “fast” lines intermingling with both softly blended and vivid earth colors shows the freedom of expression that she has never felt before. Pushing the paint in a direction that feels necessary at the moment, then letting it go its own way to be free to express itself, Susan creates freedom within her own freedom.  It is that first step that allows this all to become real--the First Light. Image Attached: Susan Merriman; Ride the L

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