SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Jim Olson

Exhibition Statement: "Reset" Sculpture and paintings Jim’s artworks blend the figure in various ponderable and environmental fashions.  In these multifarious works, entitled ‘Reset’, he takes a new look at some varied ideas to see how they come out in a visual way. We reset ourselves on occasion to reevaluate the world around us and develop a fresh look at things, especially during times of social and personal change. Jim uses gesture, shape, color and line as visual tools to explore ideas about the human experience, not over-thinking, but to put marks and images together to create a sense of a thought or moment.  He likes the challenge of working both two- and three-dimensionally in

SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Lisa Calzavara

Exhibition Statement: "Energized" In recognizing how dramatically the world has changed over the last few months, Lisa Calzavara has created a new series titled “Energized” which focuses on how we can deal with these issues in a positive way. She uses abstracted forms, twisting and rotating through the painting to depict the tumultuous times. By organizing these diverse shapes, she brings order to the composition instilling a sense of balance and beauty within the distinct elements. Image Attached: Lisa Calzavara; "C19 4-20-2020" Oil on canvas 30" x 40”;;

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