SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Tiana Graves

Title: "Works by Tiana Graves" Exhibition Statement: This series of photographs emanates from Tiana Graves' observations of home interiors photographed during the midst of an estate sale. Oftentimes, rooms, filled with decades worth of collections and personal belongings, are progressively fragmented and sold while she works. The images comment on the passage of time in regard to the object and how that object becomes a relic and represents eras of a life. The photographs conserve memory of places and times not of her own. They are attempts to highlight her connection to these places while seeking ways to preserve what is left of them. Image: Tiana Graves; Basement Sale #1, Denver,

SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Sandy Marvin

Title: "Peace Like a River" Exhibition Statement: The collection of paintings in this show reflects Sandy Marvin’s connection to the beauty of the natural environment. Many of these paintings are done en plein air in Colorado. More than grand vistas, Sandy is drawn to intimate environments, such as river banks and forests, places where she finds peace and timeless beauty. All of these works are created in soft pastel with other mediums, such as watercolor and water-soluble pencil. Sandy studies a scene, looking for strong abstract shapes and design. She begins a painting by establishing the underlying design and then builds the painting using layers of color and line to evoke the e

SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Ulla Meyer

Title: "Live & Celebrate Life" Exhibition Statement: Ulla’s abstract painting are created by the simple joy of living and celebrating life.  In her recent work she finds her own style in the world of pouring acrylics onto the canvas. She lets the paint lead her to unexpected places, and then joins in with manipulating color into exciting shapes, lights and lines without losing the freedom of the process. This gives her the feeling of dancing with the colors on the canvas while she is listening to her music. She feels that it goes right from her brain, over her heart, to her canvas. Music and dance have always been fundamental parts of her life and will always in some way or other, i

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