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Fire Orchid resized  (1 of 1)
Michael's Flower
Joy Redstone

I work in the following mediums, painting, printmaking and sculpture. In all of these mediums, I approach my work in an intuitive and whimsical manner. How color and pattern relate to one another is very important to the finished product. I often find inspiration from travel but I can also be inspired by something as simple as a shadow or reflection. Really I find just about anything in my path a challenge to make it different on paper, canvas or in metal. Seven years ago, I experienced a significant bereavement. Time slowed and a profound intrapersonal transformation followed, sharpening my vision and influencing how I interacted with material objects. I began to focus in on the tiniest of items, such as stones, broken glass, bullet casings, broken jewelry, wood pieces, feathers, bones, and beads. I gathered these items and started to arrange them in patterns that mirrored my inner world, releasing the need to qualify and categorize my life experiences as either good or bad. My art recognizes and highlights a tension in the disparate value our collective places on broken, mundane, and discarded objects. My art can be described as process art, as each piece speaks to a memory or an emotional experience. The fragmented objects make a whole, speak as a testament to healing, and offer an opportunity for the viewer to reflect on their own intrinsic wholeness.

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