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Bev Ruiz

Born in Oakland, California to a Navy family, I have been blessed to travel the world.  After settling in Colorado and New Mexico, my roots have been planted in the Southwest for the past thirty years. 


As a Colorado based artist and throughout my travels, I am continually influenced by the Southwests’ culture —it’s gorgeous colors, history and spirit.

I began painting as a creative outlet that quickly became a passion.  Working initially as an expressionistic painter, the pandemic inspired experimentation in abstracted art, exploring color and form in an emotional and intuitive way. 

My artistic inspiration comes from observing what is not always noticed, reimagining the vibrancy found in nature and everyday life.  The essence of my art begins to surface via mosaics of rich color, bold brushstrokes, line and texture.  Allowing the process to guide me to continually evolve each painting through imaginative layers… creating just the right sensation. 

“My art reflects the vivid colors I see in nature and everyday life.  Art is a lifetime journey and a process that is full of discovery…I love the adventure of where the next painting takes me!”

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