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SYNC Gallery presents ‘Meander’ by Faye Crowe and Steve Keating

Photography by Steve Keating:

It starts with a camera hanging from a kite line...

I walk the camera and kite over scenes that seem interesting...

I choose NOT to see what the camera sees...

The images I capture are the result of those experiences, the experience of letting go...letting go of control.

I use a unique approach to landscape photography. I use a camera suspended from the line of a

kite to get the camera approximately 200-300 feet above ground. It is a view from above, straight down, but still close and intimate to the subject. I've been a photographer all of my life...and I have finally become aware that there is another way. My work is a demonstration of a life process...not just the result of a creative outlet.

The images are prepared using digital software, and are then printed on a clear piece of transfer film. Wooden panels are coated with an iridescent, alcohol based solution. The images are then transferred to the panels. During this process, the ink is softened and can be manipulated. This is when I scratch the edges to add a "roughed up" look. The final piece of artwork is one of a kind.

Image attached Keating: “Imperial Wave #1”, Photograph transferred to wood

36” x 60” diptych

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