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SYNC Gallery presents "Presence", Paintings by James Bohling and Cyncie Winter

Cyncie Winter and James Bohling, announce their second exciting collaborative exhibition, entitled "Presence," opening at SYNC Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver on May 19 and continuing through June 11.

Working with the unifying theme of what it means to be present and to be aware of what is present, Winter and Bohling assert that if we can open ourselves to what is happening in the Now, we can recognize that sense and spirit of Place and Home where we long to be and to come back to—and that we can then respond to whatever is calling to us through the clarity of light, the smell of the earth, or the essence of Something Coming Through that can assure us we are not alone.

Bohling and Winter know that the creative process encourages us to be aware of what is Present as we attend to what is emerging from the marriage of paint and canvas. Bohling’s vast and compelling landscapes invite us to enter the spaciousness of land and sky joined together in a symphony of color and light. Winter’s mystical musings in black and white and gold explore the mysterious power of dream and symbol in our lives and the question “What is this life becoming?” Both painters remind us of the immense gifts of awakening to Presence.

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