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SYNC Gallery presents: DENDRITIC DREAMS by Patricia Rucker

Phantasmagorical creatures have arrived at SYNC Gallery. Artist Patricia Rucker has created this unique and unusual series for DENDRITIC DREAMS. Painted on paper made of rocks, these images require close inspection. Intricate and powerful – this is not just another bug collection.

Artist Statement:

DENDRITIC DREAMS is a series resulting from a period of experimentation with a variety of surfaces, acrylic paints, gels and mediums. In this discovery process, I believe I have found a new voice.

My intention is to go beyond realistic representational imagery with emphasis on the exquisite detail found in nature. The intricate forms are enhanced with iridescent and interference paints that force the viewer to “dance” before the images. Because the process requires a symmetrical printing method, I employ the compositional form of approximate symmetry to prevent visual monotony.

The paintings, created with acrylic paint are mounted on wooden panels that have been treated with several coats GAC 100 to protect the paper. A final coat of acrylic leveling gel is to protect the painting.

Image attached Rucker:

The Scout, acrylic on TerraSkin, 10 x 12”

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