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SYNC Gallery presents: UNCONSCIOUS by Louis Trujillo

Enter Louis Trujillo’s unconscious:

“My family and I at a large celebration. It’s Independence Day, Dad’s birthday. This time we’re at the park. We’re at Berkely Park right? Or is it Rocky Mountain Park? I don’t know, it’s always one or the other. Sometime we’re at my Grandparents house, or at Auntie’s house. The fireworks are starting in the distance. They are magnificent, unlike anything I have ever seen! But wait...they’re getting closer! The same one that started in the distance has raced across the sky?! It seems to be alive?! It’s hovering overhead! It’s hypnotizing! It’s starting to fall! It’s coming toward us! It’s too close now! We’re in danger! Everybody run...”

Louis Trujillo presents Unconscious, a show of sculptures made of polymer clay and
wire. He uses delicate shapes to allure the viewer, but behind these beautiful figures lies a sense of danger. The works flow through the air creating a sense of flight, as a multitude of shadows creates movement and a sense of invasion.

His work is an interpretation of chaotic forces that are caused from seemingly harmless origins. Collective dreams and theories about the world’s destruction are the stimulus for his visions that manifest into his artwork. These reveries come to life through his lively sculptures to present what he refers to as beautiful nightmares.

Louis describes his process:

“My artwork begins with an idea but these ideas continually morph throughout my process. I begin by sculpting simple forms. As the individual parts are completed I experiment with composition in my studio. As weeks go by more and more elements are created and installed, enlarging the form. With each installation the artworks take a new shape until they feel complete. When the works go from studio to gallery they may change again to fit the new space. My love for Installation Art comes from its ability to take blank, three-dimensional space, and transform it into a new world.”

Image: Louis Trujillo, Unconscious (Installation View), polymer clay and wire, dimensions variable

Louis Trujillo

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