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SYNC Gallery presents A Sense of Place: by Phyllis Rider

Phyllis Rider: Artist Statement

Traveling to India for a month in February of this year awakened in me a new sense of inspiration. I often find my work is defined by an impression of my travels. India was a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I was not disappointed. The spirit of the country as well as the people, textures, colors and social issues are just a few of the overwhelming impressions and experiences that will appear in my artworks for many years to come. It is impossible to express all these experiences into one art show. I’ve chosen for this show a series of doorways. I do have a love of doorways, texture and color combinations. I’m always photographing them .The prints are monotypes, meaning one of a kind prints with chine colle (a French term for collaging as you print.) My chine colle pieces are photos I took while in India. My mixed media pieces deal with two haunting memories I had to address immediately after returning home. One the spiritual city of Varanasi and two the social issues of women working in the highly smoke polluted fields. I’ve worked with printmaking for over 20 years but for this series I decided to work in Santa Fe, NM with master printmaker Ron Pokrasso. It is my hope that you find A SENSE OF PLACE in these India inspired pieces.

​Image attached Rider: “Secret View” Monotype with Chine Colle​22” x 30”

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