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SYNC Gallery presents Lynda Tygart

Lynda Tygart: Artist Statement Moving Through Life examines the simple activity of bicycling and how its function varies from culture to culture. In the United States, the bicycle is primarily used for exercise and recreation. Yet, in some cultures, it is the primary form of transportation for ones livelihood. Each bicycle in this series tells a story about its owner.

Tygart’s goal is to use photography to view this very large world in a more intimate fashion. She has always enjoyed the old darkroom techniques that require a hands-on relationship with each photograph, but also loves the immediate feedback of digital photography. To combine photography with her love for painting, she prints her photographs on watercolor paper and wood panels. This process allows her to hand paint the image, creating a texture that invites the viewer to feel like they are stepping into the image.

Image attached: Lynda Tygart, Bike in Moab, mixed media, photograph, acrylic and encaustic on wood panel, 24” x 30”

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