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SYNC Gallery presents James C. Jones

Artist Statement:

I imagine a world of living trees, stone, and water, where everything is alive; silently struggling to break free from the confines of its structure. By recasting a human as an object in nature, I amplify and bring focus to this presence within myself, and ask you to see the community and power from which we are born.

The unique combination of materials I employ is a result of my professions as a print maker, graphic designer, and carpenter. I find it natural and exciting to combine digital printing with painting and wood-working materials. The contrast of the digital print on the unique patterns of the wood grain, juxtaposed with intuitive painting and inking, offers exciting palettes to explore each digital print.

I believe this approach grants the opportunity to explore my pencil sketches and digital renderings in a painterly manner outside of the computer, and onto a canvas. Here, the integration of materials reconciles the relationship of humans with nature: that we can harmonize with our environment despite feeling disconnected from it.

The acknowledgement of this relationship of man to nature is where spirituality, art, and living intersect for me. At this crossing, I have found the empowerment to carve out my own path, and it is through my art that I hope to communicate the liberation of the mind from human rigidity.

Image attached: "Struggle of a Man" digital print on ink, watercolors and wood, 20"x24"

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