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SYNC Gallery presents Wet Mechanics by G Cody Day

Artist's statement:

Wet Mechanics is a new branch from the prolific body of process-driven artwork by Denver artist G Cody Day that builds on the previous elements from his previous exhibitions, Spectrum and Imagination.01. Day is a self-taught process-painter with an eye for urban influenced high-contrast, and has been painting for just under two decades.

The Imagination.01 branch of work marked the first installment of Day’s exploration into nonrepresentational abstraction, combing surreal forms suspended in an ethereal void of organic flowing movement juxtaposed across rectilinear shapes. The Spectrum installment expanded the palette to the full gamut of visible light and embraced a rigorous system of order and layering, honing in on a signature look Day has been developing throughout the entirety of his work, spawning from the Melting Sun series in 2008.

Wet Mechanics takes off where Spectrum and Imagination.01 left off, introducing further intention, and providing increasing expanses of infinite space bordered by confident line and calculated movement. Soft organic forms frolic and glisten playfully while the banding of purposed ribbons cut through abstract fragments, creating powerful and compelling multidimensional compositions. Wet Mechanics hints at the intercellular space with chaos that soothes through analogous color. Day’s work is a reunion between sovereign marks in time, uniting past and present in refreshing harmony.

Sync Gallery’s Third Friday artists’ reception will be held on April 21 from 6-9pm, & First Friday Art Walk on May 5 from 6-9pm; Exhibition runs April 20 through May 13, 2017.

Image attached: G Cody Day, Ventricies, acrylic on canvas, 14” x 11”

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