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SYNC Gallery presents Pam Fortner

Pam Fortner’s latest exhibit entitled Inflorescence draws on her love of the organic form. Using Nature as her muse, she has created fantastic sculptures, installations and images that could only exist in her fertile imagination. Using formed paper as her primary medium, she has created works that evoke tiny flower stalks, lichen and sea creatures.

Fortner has a great love for the versatility of paper. To her, it is a medium with endless possibilities. She employs a variety of methods to create her work, including wet-forming, origami, and bookbinding techniques. Her pioneering use of steel structures has allowed these forms to take on a grand scale.

Just as an inflorescence is a collection of many small florets that, collectively, create a larger floral statement, this exhibit combines many elements to create a larger experience. The viewer is transported to a fantastic place where they can encounter the world from a different perspective.

Image attached: Pam Fortner, Phantasm I (detail), paper, steel, waxed linen thread, 64” x 32” x 24”

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