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SYNC Gallery presents Architecture & Colors by Helene Strebel

Helene Strebel: Artist Statement

Helene Strebel’s current series pays homage to her recent travels to Indonesia. She was fascinated by the architecture that she encountered in Bali and Java. She was overwhelmed by the strong colors used to create the Indonesian batik.

Strebel uses richly layered colors to create her work taking inspiration from multiple references. Her goal is to create paintings that are visually and emotionally pleasing to her audience. Acrylic paint is the dominant medium that she uses, however to create diversity in her style she incorporates a variety of other materials including fabric, paper, glass, and more. A completed painting reflects the starting point of the work.

Strebel’s abstract artworks have been featured in many shows internationally and can be found in private collections in the US and in Europe. Image attached: Helene Strebel, Bali, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”

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