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SYNC Gallery presents Vietnam in Stitch and Color by Jean Herman

Jean Herman: Artist Statement Accompany Jean Herman through a spiritual journey where the world is better understood through art; Vietnam is complex and beautiful and she uses art as a way to respond to it. She wants her audience to experience the same depth of wonder that she felt every day when she was in Vietnam.

Vietnam touched Herman deeply. She reacted to this wonderful place by interpreting her feelings and overwhelmed senses through her own distinctive art form, which uses color, collage and stitch. Color is utilized to interpret the unique range of people and places that make this country so unique. Vietnam, a country torn up by war, has re-built itself into a new society. The north has mountains and mist, and the south has tropics and heat. She responded most of all to the people, from the culture of the Hmong people in the north to the coconut farmers in the south. Despite a life that some might consider hard she experienced a sense of happiness and outgoing friendliness.

Herman uses her photographs as memory guides that are translated into small colorful paper collages that help to clarify shapes and composition. Next, she builds fabric collages using hand painted fabric and commercial fabric. Figures are painted in acrylic onto the fabric and then transferred to each piece to create layers of color and depth. Stitching is her magic way using color, shape and line to create a fabric painting.

Image attached: Jean Herman, Rice Farmers, mixed media, fabric, acrylic, 48” x 36”

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