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SYNC Gallery presents Whispers by Louis Trujillo

Louis Trujillo: Artist Statement Enchanting visions of mystical events and unworldly spirits reoccur while Louis Trujillo is in deep sleep. His work consists of large scale installations that use vibrant sculptures made of polymer clay to manifest these reveries. Smaller individual elements gravitate toward one another to create larger forces. Abstract shapes that are arranged in an active composition become the depiction of an unconscious mind’s interpretation of the divine forces of the universe. Inspiration for Trujillo’s work comes from Surrealism, psychoanalysis and spirituality. He is fascinated by humanity’s tiny existence and the way in which the world becomes sublime in the mind. Vibrant colors used for the figures are inspired by nebula photographs. Shadows that dance on the walls and floor activate the space to triple the amount of the countless swarming entities. Collective unconsciousness, a Jungian theory, is memories that come to us from a source that is primitive and beyond our personal experiences. Trujillo’s work reiterates the possibility of unknown forces at work that are greater than anything that can be imagined.

His process begins with an idea for composition and color but these ideas continually morph. Trujillo begins by sculpting simple forms. As the individual parts are completed he experiments with composition in his studio. As weeks go by more and more elements are created and installed, enlarging the form. With each installation the artworks take a new shape until they feel complete. When the works go from studio to gallery they may change again to fit the new space. His love for Installation Art comes from its ability to take blank, three-dimensional space, and transform it into a new world.

Image attached: Louis Trujillo, Evanescent (detail), acrylic on polymer clay, 72” x 48” x 7” (approx.)

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