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SYNC Gallery presents Liz Lautrup

Each of the paintings in this series began as an organic, connected set of dark, thick lines – these roots underlie each painting whether they are seen or hidden by subsequent layers. Scribbled lines and words symbolize connection and messages left for the viewer to receive and interpret.

In each painting, there is a crack or doorway, an entry point into deeper layers where the roots that lie beneath the surface can be explored. The paintings lead others to connect with their own memories and deeper roots, and imbue space with energy and mystery.

Liz Lautrup is an abstract painter working in water-based media. She uses lines, symbols, pigments, acrylics and lots of water to create layered paintings that convey mystery and help us relate to our inner landscape. Her background includes Psychology, Spirituality, and Landscape Architecture, all of which become incorporated into her artwork. She often works iteratively and intuitively, allowing a painting to evolve rather than trying to control it, though she often adds symbolic elements as well.

Image attached: Liz Lautrup, Laughter in the Rain, watercolor and acrylic on canvas, 30” x 30”

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