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SYNC Gallery presents Sandy Marvin

Sandy Marvin reveres trees for their fortitude, perseverance, beauty and quiet grace. She likes to be among them; the ponderosa forest that surrounds her cabin in Beulah, and near them; the elegant cottonwoods along the rivers and streams. Their forms reveal their particular nature and their individual histories.

These paintings are Marvin’s efforts to visually capture the souls of these wonderful trees she has encountered here in Colorado and in Maine. Some are done plein air and some in the studio. All are painted in soft pastel with an underpainting of watercolor or oil wash.

Marvin is a Colorado artist working primarily in soft pastel. Real-world subject matter is her usual starting point. She looks for the things that make her laugh, do a double take or fascinate her because of their beauty. Her subjects may be as complex as a landscape or as simple as a single piece of fruit.

Marvin’s interpretation leans toward abstract. Shapes and patterns attract her. She uses composition, color and technique to communicate the meaning and emotions that strike her and hopes that she creates a memorable visual experience for the viewer.

Image attached: Sandy Marvin, Sanctuary, soft pastel, 17” x 11”

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