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SYNC Gallery presents Blue, a SYNC Members' exhibition

Blue: Show Statement

Sync Gallery creatives exhibit works exploring the theme of Blue, the Member’s Gallery show that runs concurrently and supports SYNChronocity, our 2018 juried show.

SYNC members were asked, “What does the color Blue mean to you?”

"I just remembered that my mother said, 'Never paint a room blue. It’s a depressing color.'

And yet….I find myself painting….

Brilliant blues, blindingly and bewilderingly beautiful

Luscious…lapis, manganese, cerulean, cobalt, celestial, cosmic

Ultramarine, ultra-powerful—phthalo, prussian,

Elegant, ethereal, exquisite

…definitely not depressing" - Cyncie Winter

"Blue is just one of many families, tools, weapons and worlds. When the palate is reduced to only blue, the boundaries begin to expand, blue is now a visible spectrum of it's own. So I would say blue is infinitely important, and I could not live without it." - G Cody Day

"Blue is calm, hopeful, restful, and quiet energy." - Kristy Smith

"Blue connotes/suggests peace. Living near the ocean for many years, it creates a calm inner serenity and clarity." - Brenda LaBier

"Blue gives me the feeling of ice cold water and the beautiful clear Colorado sky." - Helene Strebel

Image attached: Cyncie Winter, Sky Come Down, acrylic, 24” x 24”

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