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SYNC Gallery presents Brenda LaBier

Brenda LaBier: Artist Statement

In her journey to comprehend and express the interconnectedness of her evolving life and identity, Brenda LaBier has embraced the three marks of existence, inconstant, transient and evanescent. Depicted in Transitory Rituals, earth, air and water act as transitory elements, each evoking a transformation from one state to the next that may be fleeting, volatile or fading.

There is the belief that all things are in constant change and temporal, including the self. To understand this impermanence is to accept that people come and go, material possessions are gained and lost and moments become fragments of memories.

The images themselves stretch time, holding the elements in an inert state allowing for an extended view of the pending change. Combined, the relationship between images, symbols and objects construct meaning, both intimate and universal. The essence is transformed, healed and emancipated; the cycle is an act of renewal.

Image attached: Brenda LaBier, Ritual of Breath (detail) from the Transitory Rituals series, mixed media wall installation, 60” x 36”

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