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SYNC Gallery presents Lynda Tygart

Lynda Tygart: Artist Statement

For some reason, humans like Walls. The general idea is to keep "Danger" outside and away from us. It's a concept that has been used for centuries. We forget that those same Walls can sometimes trap us Inside . . . an unintended consequence.

This is a useful metaphor for some of our own personal relationships. A person may come along and disappoint us, so we build a Wall to protect ourselves from being hurt by others. It feels safer. And it seems to work for a while. But, when we're trapped Inside any Wall, what are we giving up? And what energy is it taking to protect that Wall day after day?

Over time, even the sturdiest of Walls are not permanent. The Walls in Lynda Tygart’s current series, titled Walls of Impermanence, are in various stages of decay. She photographed these Walls in China, England and Belgium. They are beautiful, but they are not the impenetrable Walls they once were. Now, they are works of art, with people from all over the World walking through them and on them. Together.

It can take a long time, but all Walls come down eventually. Impermanence.

Image attached:

Lynda Tygart, Great Wall of China, hand colored photograph transferred on wood panel, 18” x 24”

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