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SYNC Gallery presents: Louis Trujillo

Louis Trujillo: Artist Statement Microscopic neurons fire to calculate massive amounts of information. Chemicals are released for us to experience senses and emotions. Decade’s worth of memories and experiences are archived and retrievable. The brain is the most powerful organ in our body. If it were to fail on us our faculties would be altered. The people that we know and love would become strangers. Lessons learned would become obsolete.

Louis Trujillo’s series titled Forget-Me-Not explores the loss of the mind through mixed media works on paper. Hundreds of forget-me-not flowers that include images of his family members are pinned individually to the walls. These artworks honor his late Great-Grandmother Grace who suffered with Alzheimer’s, and his Grandfather Albert who currently suffers from the same disease. According to Alzheimer’s Association, “More than 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million.” This information makes the future seem bleak but hopefully, with scientific breakthroughs, this number can decrease, or perhaps the disease can be stopped and reversed.

100% of sales from Trujillo’s Forget-Me-Not series will be donated to Alzheimer’s Association

Image attached: Louis Trujillo, Grace, mixed media, paper, gouache, rust, inkjet print, pins, 54” x 45” x 2” (approx.)

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