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SYNC Gallery presents: Chad Henry

SYNC Gallery presents Dual Conversation by Chad Henry (with Phyllis Rider)

Chad Henry: Artist Statement Chad Henry’s show features new and recent collages with an emphasis on male relationships – fathers and sons, friends, brothers, lovers, antagonists, saints, monks, and memory. Alongside themes of love, faith and celebration, there are images of the underlying dread, worry, anger and disconnect that saturate our 21st Century experience, expressed through fragmented and improvised surfaces. The images are drawn from a studio jammed with archived books, magazines, street trash, old posters and paper scraps, and put together in the usual artist’s dialogue of image and response. Chad has studied painting with Jeffrey Wenzel, Homare Ikeda, Jordan Wolfson and others, and collage with Jonathan Talbot, Cecil Touchon and Catherine Chang Liu.

Image attached: Chad Henry, Dancing in the Street, collage on panel, 16” x 12”

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