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SYNC Gallery presents: Phyllis Rider

SYNC Gallery presents Dual Conversation by Phyllis Rider (with Chad Henry)

Phyllis Rider: Artist Statement Traveling with Phyllis Rider is learning how to see color, pattern and life of a region not all that familiar to you. She loves exploring countries that have a rich diverse story and are on the exotic side of history, thus choosing Morocco for her latest adventure. She feels the country is changing in many current ways yet still holds everything together with their deep foundation in the muslim faith. Keeping this in mind she shows through her monotypes the influences of the regions colors, patterns and religious icons. She explores this DUAL CONVERSATION in many of the monotypes and a painting. Her sculpture is more about the color influence and looking into a spiritual place.

The monotypes are a combination of printmaking and collage. Many of the collage pieces are photographs of various patterns of the unique woodwork, mosaics, or general interesting sights. Some also include other forms of printmaking like solar relief plate. Often there is a DUAL CONVERSATION going on within the different areas of the pieces.

Her painting is about the DUAL CONVERSATION between different beliefs and an entry way that is open for exploring together in peace and harmony. This feeling came from the friendliness and openness of the people she encountered. Many of the pieces show an open doorway to look into and explore the meaning inside.

The aluminum sculpture is the color blue you see everywhere in Morocco, the screen inside is a homage to many beautiful screens that cover windows and masques…inviting…mysterious…begging you to see the beautiful patterns ,reflections and wonder about what is

beyond the opening.

Image attached: Phyllis Rider, Dual Conversation, acrylic on canvas, 48” x 36”

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