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Sync Gallery Presents: Jesse Van Horne

Jesse Van Horne: Show Title: Myth, Symbol & Allusion

Exhibition Statement:

Myth leans heavily on image. Image in turn evokes myth. Symbols stand for things. These things can be the mundane or the profound, but at its strongest, symbol communicates idea. Effective symbols stand for a collection of ideas. Allusion is the sly move of referring to something important or significant without stating it directly. It asks the viewer to participate in the discovery and the creation of meaning.

Jesse Van Hoorn is drawn to subject matter that evokes mythology, or that alludes to mythological memory. Most of his work speaks to the dichotomy man/nature or science/mysticism. However, he does not see these as opposites as is typical in Western culture, but as aspects of the same unified whole. His work strives toward an underlying unity.

Jesse creates his work using a variety of methods and techniques. When conceiving any work he likes to explore possibilities with a variety of medias, in sketchbooks, on paper bags, on canvas or even on the computer. He sees all these tools as extensions of his creative capabilities.

But when it comes right down to it, his main concern with his art is to manifest the imagery that he conjures with his third eye. The work you see here is mostly acrylic on plywood, though you will find some of his illustration work executed with ink and colored pencil on vellum.

Jesse’s artwork represents transformation and evolution. His artwork depicts unity through perceived disparity. At its very essential root, it exudes the principle of human awakening. There is also an imbedded commentary on how far we have come, but how far we still have to go as the human race.

Image Attached: Jesse Van Horne: The Reckoning; Acrylic on Plywood: 22”x 48”;

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