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Sync Gallery Presents: Lynda Tygart

Lynda Tygart: Show Title: Nostalgic Denver

Exhibition Statement:

When Lynda Tygart moved to Denver a few years ago, she was inspired to photograph her new neighborhood in Berkeley. She found Tennyson Street very charming with its little cottage homes, galleries and barbershop. Just a few years later, she would be looking at those photos with fond memories. Almost overnight, those cottages were torn down and replaced with new slot homes and apartments. Lynda quickly realized that her photographs from 2012 were now Nostalgic!

After witnessing what happened on Tennyson Street, Lynda decided to start photographing other sites in Denver as the city continues to change in many ways. Each image of Denver is printed in sepia tones and then hand colored for an aged appearance. The viewers will feel they are looking at old postcards from days gone by, even though many of these pictures were taken just a few months ago.

Image Attached: Lynda Tygart: Dazzle Jazz Club, Denver; Photography, Mixed Media on Wood Panel; 24”x 30”;

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