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Sync Gallery Presents: Karin Kempe & Liz Lautrup

Liz Lautrup and Karin Kempe

Show Title: Luminous

Exhibition Statement

Through layers of color and texture, Liz Lautrup and Karin Kempe each express the underlying luminosity of this world in abstract paintings which glow with an internal light and invite us to explore and appreciate their magic.

Liz Lautrup: Artist Statement

How often we miss the small bits of beauty and magic around us. Liz Lautrup’s paintings, which incorporate acrylic and watercolor pencil in multiple layers, illuminate the small wonders that we might normally pass by or fail to notice. Perhaps there is a whole world in a grasshopper’s flight through the air; perhaps we can find immense beauty in the reflected sunlight and varied colors in a field of grass. In these little things, there is the potential of mystery and discovery. They contain a message if we are willing to receive it. Lis Lautrup continues to experiment, finding new ways to capture the essence of internal and external worlds.

Image Attached:

Grasshopper’s Flight: Acrylic and Watercolor Pencil on Canvas: 48 by 48”

Karin Kempe: Artist Statement

Leonard Cohen said, “There is a crack, a crack in everything- that’s how the light gets in.” Sometimes the light rides on hue and brightness; sometimes it is traced by the interaction of marks which are, after all, just paint on canvas, but which can be recognized like a mysterious memory. Our amazing world sings with an underlying luminosity, its radiance seeping from hidden windows. Light through color, this is what Karin Kempe touches and expresses in her paintings.

Image Attached:

THE LIGHT WITHIN: acrylic on canvas 30” x 30”:

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