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Sync Gallery Presents: Lydia Riegle

Lydia Riegle

Show Title: Unspoken (w/ Chad Henry)

Exhibition Statement

With the art exhibition Unspoken, paint or oil-based inks and papers are layered one onto the other always keeping in mind space, ambiguities and interesting juxtapositions of color, texture, line, movement, and form to create an exciting amalgamation of intent and spontaneity by artist, Lydia Riegle.

Sometimes it’s like magic where it comes together quickly. Other times, not so much. When that happens, to move forward, she continues to make decisions but is more apt to let go of control during the process of creation. With these steps, the unspoken surfaces to emerge. Formal elements of composition are met and equally as important is the message that is conveyed.

With Unspoken, Riegle finds that images are often large format, vibrantly colorful, and thoughtfully complex with marks showing motion as well as depth to arrive at what has emerged. With her work, the goal is to share history, emotion and the stories we have in common and because these vary, the work reflects that rich diversity as well.

Image: The White Place, acrylic and charcoal, 48” x 72”

Lydia Riegle

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