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Sync Gallery Presents: Cyncie Winter

Cyncie Winter

Show Title: Portals

Exhibition Statement

In her most recent series, Cyncie Winter paints about Possibility. Portals. Doorways. Openings. Windows to the World. Through her paintings, she explores the theme of what it is like to find ourselves standing at an entryway at any given time in our lives, realizing we can either accept the invitation to go into and through them, or not. If we can summon up the courage to enter through these portals, there is the potential for a rich world waiting for us. Cyncie works with a process that is intuitive, intentional, gestural, and expressive. Using multiple washes and layers of liquid acrylic paint, she explores what it means to invite in fluidity and resilience to both creativity and to life itself. The shapes and symbols and colors that emerge from this complex process can provide symbolic teachings for what it means to walk through a portal. In this way, she considers herself to be a co-creater, working in partnership with the painting, asking powerful questions about Possibility. She has found that if she listens closely enough for the answers, the paintings will show her the way, into and through these doorways of Wonder.

Image attached: “Be Infintesimal”; Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 45”;


Cyncie Winter, Be Infintesimal, 36" x 45"

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