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Sync Gallery Presents: James C. Jones

James C. Jones

Show Title: Portals

Exhibition Statement

James C. Jones imagines a world where humanity exists as the living earth. Each subject rests solemnly in reverence to the portals of natural energy contained within the powerful conscious thought of mankind.

The artist’s choice of medium and style - overlaying digital prints on unique patterns of painted wood-grain, and then recasting humanity as objects in nature - amplifies a presence within himself that recognizes a universal community and power from which all life is born. His unique integration of digital printing and painting, combined with the raw material of paper, reconciles the disconnected relationship of humanity with nature, replacing it with the idea that we can harmonize with our environment despite feeling disconnected from it.

James' acknowledgement of the relationship of humanity to the Universe is where spirituality, art, and living intersect for the artist. At this creative portal, he has found the empowerment to carve out a unique path, and it is through his art that the artist hopes to communicate liberation of the mind, from the trappings of materialism.

Image attached: “Heart Portal”; Digital print & mixed media on wood, 24" x 28”;


James C. Jones, Heart Portal, 24" x 48"

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