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Sync Gallery Presents: Phyllis Rider

Phyllis Rider Exhibition Statement

Phyllis Rider’s new works explores a mono print process called Solarplate Relief Etching.

Phyllis has been a printmaker for over 20 years, and although most of her prints have been monotypes, she loves learning new ways of printmaking. These new pieces challenged her with a process she was not familiar with, but excited her about the possibilities. As with all new processes, it had it challenges, but she likes the figuring out of the do’s and don’ts of such projects. Working with Solarplate master Dan Welden last year inspired her to explore the working with the sun process.

The results for these new works reflect a variety of ways she could use her Solarplate relief etchings along with her monotype knowledge to achieve a finished product she was pleased with—abstract by design with line and color being the dominating factors.

Phyllis hopes to educate the viewer about her new mono prints on paper with Solarplate relief etchings overlays and the unique colorful results.

image: “Heart of the Matter”; Solarplate Relief Etching on Arches 88 paper; framed 24” x 24"


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