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Sync Gallery Presents: G. Cody Day

G Cody Day Exhibition Statement

“Versions" is a collection of new paintings by G Cody Day.

The work explores the implications of the idea of versions. Day’s graphic abstract paintings expand on his previous abstract landscape work with a focus on contrast, ranging from gently subtle to high vibration.

Versions implies alternates, and encourages the viewer to contemplate the version they are currently in. By appreciating and being present in the current version, the spectrum of variation between the infinity of possible versions can be appreciated. This version defines and enables the possibility of other versions, and the more detailed and rich this version becomes the richer the variety for opportunity it produces, simply thorough contrast.

The paintings are made by combining various points through masking and layering. The recollected elements are the result of exactly this particular wave of influences and decisions, illustrating and creating the texture of this version.

Day invites you to experience the new paintings, and examine the details that populate and define your version.

Image attached: “Atomic Residue; 36 x 60”; acrylic on canvas;

G. Cody Day

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