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Sync Gallery Presents: Jean Herman

Jean Herman Exhibition Statement

In “Versions in Color” Herman focuses on how the world of color is always front and center in her interpretations of the world. Herman always asks the question, “What story does this art tell”? This new work is her version of a color-filled world interpreted through her unique mixed media fiber work.

Herman always follows her artistic vision; Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book describing the creative life, calls this creative urge “Big Magic”. Herman believes her creative urge will always speak through her art. Color is a tool she uses to interpret her world through art. Herman believes art is always personal and shares an emotion, or an internal response to the world around her with her viewer. Although travel influences a lot of Herman’s work, the people she sees on the street and Colorado’s gorgeous colors will also lead her into her own creative interpretation

Image attached: “Desert View I” mixed media fiber, 36” x 24”;

Jean Herman

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