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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Karin Kempe

For Karin Kempe, painting is a practice; she finds herself listening and watching and starts from stillness, silence. Even if she discovers an initial intention, the painting itself develops its own integrity and independence and starts to talk back, not satisfied until it comes into its own balance. Even long after its completed, it continues to uncover unexpected messages, allusions and pleasures like an antenna transmitting outside our hearing. These messages are independent of time and space, received viscerally as well as spiritually, and remain essentially mysterious.  

This collection includes several pieces that were repainted and transformed as well as others which were painted de novo. The grid pieces each start with an initial iconic and symbolic image, evolving with mood and time, like the transformations of weather on landscape. In this way, these paintings suggest both the universal quality of a mountain or flower, shifting in constant transition, still holding their own unique place. 

Note: Her work is signed with her dharma name, Koku, which means “vast, empty sky”…the place where paintings come from.

Image attached: Karin Kempe, “Move and Flow into the Sea”; 36” x 36” Acrylic on canvas;

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