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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Lynda Tygart

In this age of technology, the most common forms of messaging seem to be text and voicemail.  As Lynda contemplated this theme, she recognized that humans have always found ways to leave messages for each other.  Whether it’s a lighthouse on the shores of Lake Superior warning ship captains, or a cropping of rocks placed in a mysterious formation in England, humans have always found ways to communicate.  

Lynda’s images generally expose her passion for places that are deserted and mystical.  She has always enjoyed the old darkroom techniques that require a hands-on relationship with each photograph, but she also loves the immediate feedback of digital photography.  To combine photography with her love for painting, she prints her photographs on watercolor paper and wood panels.  This allows her to hand paint the image to emphasize certain features. The resulting artwork has an ethereal presence, reminiscent of the age of pictorialism.   Each piece is unique and original. 

Image attached: “Stonehenge”; 24 x 30”; Mixed Media Photography on Wood Panel;

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